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Just Grow ! Healthy Ireland CYPSC Project

Waterford CYPSC had an action focusing on Health and Wellbeing in the Children and Young Peoples Plan under the Community Based Adolescent Sub Group.  The sub group held an interagency meeting in GIY, Grow It Yourself,  HQ in May 2017 which involved agencies involved with CYPSC and GIY.

The subgroup then held planning  meetings over the summer months and put in an application to the Healthy Ireland Fund for work in Waterford.  Foróige applied as the lead agency to deliver the programme with the support of the sub group and Waterford CYPSC.

The aim of the action was  to connect with families and provide them with an opportunity to participate in a health and well-being programme.  The programme used a plant box and starter kit with seeds and instructions to enable participants to start growing.

In order to get a plant box family members were encouraged to register and attend  workshop/s which would build on the experience of growing food and eating together and linking this with food, nutrition, eating and well-being.

The target group was families, recognising the diversity of family structures in the community and paying particular attention to and including families who may have fewer opportunities and/ or greater health risks in relation to nutrition.

Funding was granted and the project started in November ’17 when funding was drawn down and a Co-ordinator was appointed.

The Co-ordinator liaised with GIY, Treo Port Láirge for the plant boxes and many agencies supporting families in Waterford city and county to advertise the programme.

Programme plan

  • GIY provided Facilitators for  12 growing workshops and cookery demonstrations.
  • 100 Grow Kits – tools, seeds, compost, growing guide and also recipes from cooking workshops.
  • Sessions in Waterford City and Dungarvan using GIY HQ, Youth Service Premises and the Tannery
  • Extensive co-ordination, planning and logistics were required.

Numbers who benefited from the Action

  • 15 families from Waterford County attended sessions in Dungarvan – 30 people
  • 45 families from Waterford City  – 68 people
  • 23 families through Home School Community Liaison Team
  • 17 Syrian families – 23 people
  • Total 100 families engaged in the programme – 142 people
  • Parents, grandparents and children as young as 2!

The project was much more far reaching than was envisaged at the planning stage and we reached lots of new communities in Waterford city and county.  There is an appetite for more of this programme.

Seed has been sown for many families who have engaged – additional funding would allow for more families to take part and to support them to continue to make home grown healthy choices.  Thanks to Aileen for this update and Co-ordination of the Action.


New Sub Group Formed focusing on the needs of 18 – 24 Year Olds.

Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures: The National Policy Framework for Children and Young People, 2014 – 2020 sets out key commitments to children and young people up to the age of 24.  The Waterford CYPSC Children and Young People’s Plan was completed before the move to include young people up to 24.  A sub group has now been formed to address this gap.  Focus Ireland is Chairing the group which has membership from the WSTCYS, Treo, HSE Substance Misuse Team, Tusla Aftercare, Dept of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, HSE Adult Mental Health, Transgender Equality Network Ireland and Waterford Area Partnership.


Outcomes Based Accountability Training and National Data and Information Hub


CYPSC members from Waterford, Wexford and Wicklow attended two days training on Outcomes-Based Accountability (OBA)TM  in February  2018.  The Institute of Public Care (IPC), which is part of Oxford Brookes University in England, delivered this training for the eleven CYPSCs that are  part of the first phase of implementation of the National Data and Information Hub.

OBATM is a disciplined way of thinking, planning and taking action that we can use to improve the lives of children and families and the performance of services and programmes. Sometimes called Results-based AccountabilityTM (RBA) in the USA, RBA or OBA has been used extensively over two decades in many countries, and in at least 11 languages, at every level of government.

The two-day training programme provided a basic understanding of the OBATM model, gave opportunities to apply its frameworks to some of the issues we are addressing and helped us to think through how we might use the approach to improve our use of data and information and secure better outcomes for local people.

The interactive area based geo-mapping system will provide information to inform policy and practice around the delivery of services.  It is currently being piloted and will be launched nationally by the DCYA and Tusla in the Autumn.

Outcomes Based Accountability Training and National Data and Information Hub

Embedding Inclusive Policy and Practice in Waterford CYPSC

Members of Waterford CYPSC and additional agencies completed a number of workshops facilitated by the Disability Equality Specialist Support Agency (DESSA) in Autumn ’17.   Thirteen individuals from eight agencies attended.  Out of this work a  disability inclusion framework policy was presented to the CYPSC committee in Spring ’18 for discussion and adoption.  On the basis of this work DESSA sought funds from the DCYA Innovation Fund to develop the work further and this was successful.  This work will be developed in  Autumn ’18.

Guidelines for Referral to Child and Youth Mental Health Services

An updated information poster providing guidelines on referral to child and youth mental health services is now available to agencies and the public.  This has been a widely welcomed initiative of the  Child & Youth Mental Health  Sub Group. It provides  information on  referral pathways to mental health supports and services.  Please contact Julie, CYPSC Co-ordinator if your service does not receive a copy

Guidelines for Referrals to Child and Youth Mental Health Services

Newsletter Wateford CYPSC – Summer 2017

The Summer  Newsletter contains information on the activities and priorities of Waterford CYPSC.  The work of the Family Support sub group is highlighted.  The work undertaken with children and young people in highlighting the importance of participation is outlined.  Also included are features Healthy Ireland, news in brief and a regional workshop on the role of the Domestic and Gender Based Violence Service.

Please click on this link: CYPSC Waterford Summer Newsletter

CYPSC Survey & Consultation with Parents

In May 2017 parents were asked to complete a survey so that CYPSC could get a better understanding of how to develop ways for people to get information about parenting. 212 parents completed the online survey and 44 parents participated in focus groups.  This work helped in the production of a report called Celebrate Parenting with Parents in Sept. The Family Support Sub Group will now look at how to implement the ideas and findings from this consultation with parents.Celebrating Parenting Report – 2017

Newsletter Wateford CYPSC – Spring 2017

The Spring Newsletter contains information on the activities and priorities of Waterford CYPSC.  The work of the Mental Health sub group is highlighted.  The importance of including children and young people in our work is outlined.  Also included are features on the Ferrybank CFSN, Snuggle Stories and Transitions.

Please follow this  link CYPSC Spring 2017 ed1

Snuggle Stories – showcase

In December 2016 the Family Support Working Group and the Snuggle Stories task group had an opportunity to showcase the Snuggle Stories initiative.  This is an action under CYPSC, which encourages parents and children to snuggle up and get comfortable reading and rhyming together.  Each pack, which is distributed by Public Health Nurses,  includes free books and free library membership. During the event a parent and grandparent spoke of their personal experience of using the snuggle book pack and the enjoyment it gave both themselves and their children. This has been a  very successful interagency project which brought together the HSE, Waterford Childcare Committee, Respond, the Sacred Heart Family Resource Centre, Foroige, WWETB, Waterford City and County Council and TUSLA under the CYPSC umbrella  and put in place an additional support for families with young children. 2017 hopes to see further development of the initiative. Snuggle Stories Presentation.





Directory of Services – CYPSC Website

Waterford CYPSC website was launched in late 2016.  The website  brings together information on a range of services available for children, young people and families in Waterford, including mental health support for children and young people; health services for children, young people and families; education and training opportunities; and help and support for families.  It is hoped the website can be built on on the coming year to become a resource for those working with families  and keeping up to date with CYPSC news.

Update your Information

Agencies can update their information on the Directory by clicking on Update Directory Listing in the sidebar. Comments can be submitted by clicking on Contact Us.


Waterford CYPSC launches Children and Young Peoples Plan

In the Central Library in Waterford the Children and Young Peoples Services Committee launched its Plan (2016-2018). The overall purpose of Children and Young People’s Services Committees is to ensure better outcomes for children and young people around the country through enhanced co-ordination of local services and organisations. The plan is available to download on the About Us page with additional background information on Waterford CYPSC. Newspaper Article.