Waterford CYPSC - Children & Young People's Services Committee

Waterford CYPSC

Children & Young People's Services Committee

Substance Misuse Support

Community Based Drugs Initiative – Cityside provides a local accessible community drugs service to the areas of Ferrybank, inner-city and the North West suburbs Waterford. We support adults and young people, family or community members affected by substance misuse to work though and overcome the issues most concerning them. The project is supported by a team of local community volunteers. We are managed by the Waterford and South Tipperary Community Youth services which supports a community development approach and funded by the South East regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force.

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This project works with young people aged 10-21 who are at risk of alcohol & substance misuse.

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The aim of the LUB project is to proactively engage with people experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping within Waterford City, in particular those who are experiencing substance misuse issues and through early intervention strategies to reduce the level of harm experienced and link them into existing services and supports.

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