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This space can be used to highlight events which promote the wellbeing of children, young people and families. Training open to parents, grandparents, carers and frontline workers in their role in supporting children and young people can also be displayed here. If you would like to submit an event or course for display here, please use the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.


Foundation Programme in Sexual Health Promotion

18th & 19th September, 16th & 17th October 6th & 7th November

27th & 28th November 11th & 12th December 2018

Dungarvan Co Waterford

Course Aim; To enhance participants’ capacity to incorporate sexual health promotion into their work through the development of their comfort levels, confidence, knowledge and skills in relation to sexual health

This program will look at sexual health promotion holistically throughout the human life-stages.

  • Sexual Health Promotion in the Irish Context
  • Sexual Health A Life Course Approach
  • Physical Sexual Health (e.g, Contraception, STIs. Sexual function/dysfunction))
  • Self Esteem & Sexual Health
  • Sexuality and Diversity
  • Law, Power and Sexual Health
  • Working Safely around Sexual Health
  • Facilitating Workshops in Sexual Health

 Target Group Target participants are those working in the health, education, youth and community sectors, whose work currently or potentially involves aspects of sexual health promotion. Some previous experience of facilitation and /or one to one skills is desirable as this is not general skills training.

 Methodology   The course is participatory and experiential in approach. It requires participants to have an openness to personal development as they explore knowledge, attitudes and values in relation to sexual health, through individual, paired and group work.

 Benefit to the Participants and their Organisations

-Participants have the opportunity to improve their knowledge, skills and confidence in relation to sexual health work.

-Some of the materials and methodologies may be adapted for use with client groups.

-Support will be available to assist participants in the implementation of Sexual Health Promotion within their own organisation on completion of training.

-A sexual health resource library is available to participants to support their work

-The course is accredited for the purpose of CPD by the IASW, the NMBI and the IACP


Participants are required to attend all ten days, to submit a learning journal throughout the program and to co-facilitate a sample experiential exercise.

Application Process Step 1: Application Form                     Step 2: Telephone interview

Closing date for applications is Friday 18th May 2018

Application forms are available from Tracey Tobin tracy.tobin@hse.ie / 0879028590



5 Step Method Training 


Learn a valuable, straightforward, Evidenced Based Approach for working with Families Affected by a Loved One’s Addiction, that seeks to support them in their own right, as people negatively affected by substance/alcohol use or problem gambling


The 5 Step Method is an Evidenced Based, Psycho-Social Intervention which works with Family Members, in their own right. The training will develop participants knowledge and skills to effectively practice as 5-Step Practitioners.

In contrast to other models used with Family Members in the addiction field, the 5-Step Method is clearly focused on the Family Member themselves, not on the person involved in substance misuse.

The 5-Step does not see the family Member as a cause or a significant contributor to the development to the addiction problem, and takes the view that they are ordinary people facing a challenging problem and attempting to respond to highly stressful experiences.

One of the key tenets of the 5-Step Method is that with an appropriate level of knowledge and support, Family Members have the capacity to cope and respond to an addiction problem much like people respond to other problems in life such as coping with chronic illness or long-term unemployment.

What you will learn:

  1. You will learn of the Stress-Strain-Coping-Support model and the 5-Step Method
  2. You will learn proficiency in delivery of the 5-Step Method with adult Family Members.
  3. You will learn how to practice the 5 Step using Skills Practice, group exercises and discussion.
  4. You will develop an understanding of the self-assessment and peer-assessment process.
  5. You will understand how the delivery of the 5-Step Method may work within your current practice.

Each of the components of the Stress, Strain, Coping and Support Model is incorporated into a step-wise model which can be suited to support Family Members.

Each step can be delivered over one meeting or combined, if circumstances require, into a smaller number of sessions.

Step 1: Listen, reassure and explore concerns

Step 2: Provide Relevant, Specific and Targeted Information

Step 3: Explore Coping Responses

Step 4: Discuss Social Support

Step 5: Discuss and explore Further Needs


This course is ideal for Family Workers, Family Members who are working with other families, Social Workers, Project Workers or anyone who works with Families affected by a loved one’s addiction.

To Qualify for this training candidates, need:

  • Work (or volunteer) with Family Members
  • Agree to attend the 2 days training in full
  • Commit to becoming an accredited practitioner
  • Agree to use the Family Member Questionnaire with Family Members

Accreditation is essential to ensure best practice in the use of the intervention. To be accredited trainees, you need to submit 5 audio recordings (1 per step) of their work with a Family Member which will then be assessed against the 5-Step Method criteria.

Following this training and accreditation process you will be a qualified 5-Step Practitioner certified by AFinet and the National Family Support Network.

Our training is now accredited by the Addiction Counsellors of Ireland for 12 CDP points.


Date: 10th & 11th April 2018

Venue: Farronshoneen, Y&C Centre, Williamstown, Waterford

Times: 9:30am to 5:00pm


This course costs €395, and includes the two full days training, 5 Step Method Handbooks, Assessment Sheets, DVD, Research Articles, Venue, Lunch and Accreditation cost.Accreditation includes 5 recorded sessions, approximately an hour each, being assessed by an accredited Assessor.This cost also includes ongoing support in the preparation and practice while recording.


Fill out the Application Form attached and return to training@fsn.ie

Application Form:  5 Steps Method Training – Application Form

If you need any other information on the 5 Step Method you can contact Christy Rankin on 01-898 0148 or you can email training@fsn.ie



Squashy Couch Parenting Programme

Squashy Couch deliver the Parents Plus Adolescent Programme (11+) the programme is strengths based and nurtures the relationship between parents and their teenagers, through practical, solution focusd ideas.

  • connecting
  • communicating positively
  • negotiating rules
  • teaching responsibility
  • managing conflict
  • solving problems

How do i  book parenting?

“text parent to 086-1415600”



2017 Events & Courses

Waterford Meitheal Training – 2017 – this course is for paid staff in the community, voluntary and statutory sectors

  • February 22nd & 23rd 2017
  • April 26th & 27th 2017
  • June 21st & 22nd 2017
  • October 25th & 26th 2017
  • November 22nd & 23rd 2017

For further information contact Joan Dunne, Tusla, 051 842948.

World Cafe Day – organised by Ferrybank / South Kilkenny Child and Family Support Network

An event for Parents and guardians together for safer screen time and internet use for their children.

Contact Joan Dunne, Tusla, 051 842948.

Date for your Diary

Afternoon of the 10th March – City Hall, Waterford 2.30 – 4.30pm. Information stands for parents hosted by services that provide supports to families and young people. More info to follow.