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Aware’s Life Skills Online programme

Aware’s Life Skills Online programme is now open for registration. If you would like to take part in the programme, please click below.

These are challenging and uncertain times we are all facing and this programme may be a great source of help to somebody at this time, therefore we encourage you to please share the link as you see necessary.


Based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), the Life Skills programmes are designed to help participants learn more about how we think and how this can influence our actions in helpful or unhelpful ways.

Who is the programme aimed at? 
The programme is aimed at individuals who are experiencing mild to moderate depression, stress and/or anxiety and would like to learn new ways to deal with life’s challenges.

How many sessions are there? 
Eight modules completed in your own time, over eight consecutive weeks. You will be able to review these sessions for up to 12 months afterwards.

Is this programme only for adults? 
Yes, only individuals aged 18 years and over may take part in Aware’s Life Skills programme.

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