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Child Talks 2020 – ‘A day in my life’

 Now in its third year, the OCO (Ombudsman for Children’s Office)   is proud to present Child Talks, where children and young people up to age 18 are given a platform to talk about children’s rights and the issues that matter to them. In the style of Ted Talks, Child Talks is usually held in a venue in front of a live audience. However in light of Covid this year, we’re taking Child Talks online with the theme ‘A day in my life.’

 Join Katherine (16), Charlie (8), Maria (16), Afaf (13), Emer (17), Evan (18), Cuan (10) and India (17) as they share their inspiring stories on topics including cultural expression, mental health, homelessness, individuality, looking after our local environment, living with autism, and youth activism.

Child Talks 2020 is hosted by our brilliant past speakers Katie McKenna (19) and Eric Ehigie (19).

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Child Talks 2020 is also available on our Youtube channel or Facebook page

We hope you enjoy Child Talks 2020!