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LET’S TALK ABOUT CONSENT – National Youth Health Programme Publications

The two new guides aim to support youth workers, those working with young people  and young people start to understand and feel confident to engage in a conversation on the concept of consent. They  provide information on:

  • Consent and the Irish Law
  • Tools to build the communication skills for young people
  • Tools to build the confidence of young people in relation to their sexual health
  • Guidance for youth workers to start a conversation with young people on the concept of consent
  • Guidance for youth workers on how their organisation can support young people and their sexual health
  • Additional supports and services for both the young people and youth workers

Click the link to download:     Lets Talk About Consent – Young People

Click on the link below to download:

Lets Talk About Consent – guide for those working with Young People

Go to the NYCI website for further information on  the research and the guidance documents please  share  with your colleagues and the young people you work with.