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Pavee Point’s Violence against Women programme – resources

Pavee Point’s Violence against Women programme is committed to providing support for Traveller groups with any issues arising for women who live with or may experience domestic and sexual violence and abuse, we would like to share our newest resource with you all. We have developed an accessible booklet on ‘Important Information for Women regarding Domestic Violence and COVID-19’. An audio feature is included in the booklet to ensure accessibility.

The booklet includes information to support:

  • women who may be experiencing domestic violence
  • Traveller groups, specifically:
    • Traveller Women’s Awareness Workers
    • Primary Health Care Workers
    • Primary Health Care Coordinators

and includes information on:

  • Why is this time more dangerous for women and children who live with domestic violence?
  • How might abusive husbands or family members use the COVID-19 crisis to control her?
  • How can women keep safe in homes with domestic violence during the COVID-19 crisis?
  • Want to talk to a victim of domestic violence over the phone but the abuser is at home?
  • What services are available for women during the COVID-19 crisis?

Please find this resource attached.

Additionally, at this time I would like to highlight a number of other resources available: (apologies if you have already received information on these!)

  1. 1. We have created a dedicated domestic violence and COVID-19 information page, please access it here. The information page is updated regularly with any emerging information.
  2. Poster on National Domestic and Sexual Violence Servicesavailable for women during COVID-19 inclusive of details of how they are operating, please see attached. This poster is also updated regularly.
  3. 3. Please access this video message for Traveller and Roma women from Women’s Aid national domestic violence helpline. Their service is open every day around the clock, is free and completely confidential. They support women by listening and believing, can find out about refuge spaces (which are few until and if other emergency accommodation is put in place for women), can support women with applying for court orders, and many other things. They also have up to date information about local services and supports.
  4. Please see and share avideo message for Traveller and Roma women from Dublin Rape Crisis Centre– a national service to support women who experience sexual violence and abuse during this time. Their helpline is free and confidential.
  5. COVID-19/gender/violence against women resource documents –please see attached.

Please share these resources far and wide within your relevant networks & on your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp).

If you are looking for specific information, please contact the Violence against Women Programme by emailing tessa.collins@pavee.iebridget.winters@pavee.ielaura.pohjolainen@pavee.ie or calling 089 4169042 during office hours and you will be directed to one of the programme workers.


Kind regards,

Bridget Winters

Community Development Worker, Violence against Women (VAW) Programme
Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre
46 Charles Street Great
Dublin 1, Ireland
Tel: 00 353 1 878 0255 Ext: 120
Web: www.paveepoint.ie